Mathieu Signoretty: Vo2 Bike Fit Technician

Meet Mat. Actively working in the bicycle industry since he was 16 years old, Mathieu Signoretty is a Specialized® Body Geometry certified bike fit technician. Utilizing a range of techniques,  Mat uses a measured scientific approach to look at power and efficiency while considering your range of motion, pre existing conditions and your athletic goals.

His goal is to ensure that no matter what bike you ride (MTN, Road, or Tri) or what race course you are on, you will be in the fastest, most powerful, and comfortable position.

Mat has been racing Mountain Bike events and Triathlons since 2007, he was introduced to Xterras two years later and quickly made them his specialty.

He has competed in three National Xterra Championship events (2011 national age group champion), and two Xterra AG World Championships.

Actively racing and competing ensures Mat knows first hand the demands of bike racing and the fine line between comfort and aerodynamics!

Make an appointment today to have Mat get you dialed in this season!

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