Coaching Philosophy

Ben Bigglestone, VO2Multisport

During our time both as athletes and coaches we have had the opportunity to discover what training methodologies yield the best results across a broad range of conditions and athletic ability. Our experience coupled with the application of sound scientific training principles has helped us formulate a low volume, high quality protocol that is suitable for athletes of all ages and levels of conditioning.

We believe that too many athletes jump too soon into long-course racing and skip many important stages of their athletic development along the way, including fundamental aspects of technique and form.  Any natural speed these athletes might have had is often buried under a regimen of long, over-distance work, with little or no time spent at or above lactate threshold and even less time dedicated to improving the neural pathways critical to promoting good form and technique (relevant to racing over any distance).”

Vo2Multisport coaching philosophy is soundly based around the three F’s – Form, Function and Fitness.

Form is paramount to any athletes success.  Working with our athletes to ensure they have sound technique in all four disciplines our coaches spend time working closely with you to ensure your biomechanics are up to the task of supporting the necessary volume and intensity of training that you will be subjected to in order to accomplish your multisport goals.  A process of continual review, refinement and visual feedback in the form of video will be used to fine tune your movement patterns to ensure injury risk is minimized, and a consistent unbroken period of training can be achieved.  Consistency over time is ultimately what will yield the best results.

Function is initially assessed in conjunction with our supporting Physical Therapist Neil Chasan and his team at the Sports Reaction Center. A functional screen is completed, feedback on the outcome shared with your coach and an action plan put in place to remedy any weakness and/or imbalance that might hinder your bodies ability to absorb and adapt from the training stimulus that your training program provides.  Helping to ensure a strong functional musculoskeletal system is important to your athletic success and something all Vo2Multisport coaches take seriously.

Fitness we sometimes joke is the easiest of the three F’s to perfect. A simple regimen of workouts that progressively overload the body and provide sufficient stimulus to promote an adaptation is all you need!  Allow a Vo2Multisport coach to educate and mould you into the athlete you deserve to be by employing an intelligent training protocol that takes into consideration your time commitments, athletic goals and your current level of fitness.

Regardless of age, experience, or preferred distance we know this approach ensures all athletes will improve while training and racing in a fun, social atmosphere.

Our goal is to keep you healthy and happy for the long term so you too can make triathlon a lifestyle just like we have.

Best in sport,

Ben Bigglestone

Ben Bigglestone

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