Lake Tahoe Camp

photo by darren.murph CC BY 2.0


Vo2Multisport has been running successful training camps for athletes of all levels for over 10 years.  During that time we have refined our offerings to meet the demands of the endurance athlete.  The goal is to take care of all the details to ensure the only concern of the athlete is eating, sleeping and training.  With intimate knowledge of all the locations we travel too you can rest assured that Vo2Multisport will guide you to one of the most fun and most rewarding training experiences of your multisport life.

Lake Tahoe Altitude Camp

From the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe to the 7,200 foot Brockway Summit, Ironman Lake Tahoe is sure to be an epic event. Join the Vo2Multisport coaching staff for a fun and focused camp designed to prepare you for every contingency you might encounter during this one-of-a-kind race.

With 50 qualifying slots for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, HI, the competition is sure to be keen. Be prepared to give it your absolute best on race day with the expert guidance of Vo2Multisport.

Dates – 2013 Schedule to be determined

Cost – TBD

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