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Ben Bigglestone, Vo2MultisportWhere guesswork ends and Vo2 coaching takes over.  Everyone will make adaptations when they begin a program of exercise whether it is structured or not.  The human body is a clever tool and will soon become wise to routine and the same old workouts. 

Using a periodized and structured approach Vo2Multisport performance coaching will help you continue to make progress without the feeling you are devoting your whole life to working out.


Full Prescription Coaching – Starting at $200 per calendar month*.

Full prescription coaching provides the athlete with a monthly detailed workout schedule that is designed with the athletes day-to-day life in mind.  A basic week will be constructed at a face to face meeting with the athlete and a commitment will be made between athlete and coach to ensure feedback and communication methods are agreed upon.  It will introduce you to the Vo2Multisport Philosophy of quality over quantity and include full program prescription as well as some rudimentary performance testing.  Unlimited email communication and a monthly one to one meeting are also included in this package.

Where relevant to you it will also include power/pace file analysis and the use of more analytical software such as RaceDay or Training Peaks (coach dependant).

Athletes on this package will also be eligible to join Team Vo2Multisport an age group team that offers camaraderie, some awesome product discounts and a ready-made set of training partners to help you get through some of those longer/harder training days that you might face.  There is an additional cost to this of $210 per annum that includes a sweet race jersey.

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Hourly Consultation – starting at $50/hr. 

Where you perhaps don’t need full prescription but want to take advantage of the expertise of a Vo2Multisport Coach to help you construct your basic week, plan your season, analyze data then the hourly consult might be for you.  The hourly consult can also be used for technical analysis of your swim stroke, assessment of cycling technique, and run form. Receive support and expert advice from one of our outstanding Vo2Multisport coaches.

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Discipline Specific Technical Analysis – $150 – $400. 

Feel like you may not be making progress in a particular discipline due to technical limitations?  Get your running gait, swim stroke and/or pedaling technique recorded and reviewed by a Vo2Multisport coach.  Using simple techniques Ben and his coaches will video your current technique, provide a critique and then prescribe drills and coaching points in order to help correct any technical and/or mechanical deficiency.  Where necessary a referral will be offered to a specialist for further input.

Video analysis and instant feedback including underwater video capture using the ‘coach cam’ device.  Swim, bike and run technical assessment includes initial filming and follow-up session to provide drill based prescriptions for improvement.

  • Single Discipline – $150
  • Two Disciplines – $275
  • Three Disciplines – $400

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Bike Fit – $200/bike. 

Actively working in the bicycle industry since he was 16 years old, Mathieu Signoretty is a Specialized® Body Geometry certified bike fit technician. Utilizing a range of techniques,  Mat uses a measured scientific approach to look at power and efficiency while considering your range of motion, pre existing conditions and your athletic goals.  His goal is to ensure that no matter what bike you ride (MTN, Road, or Tri) or what race course you are on, you will be in the fastest, most powerful, and comfortable position.
Mat has been racing Mountain Bike events and Triathlons since 2007, he was introduced to Xterras two years later and quickly made them his specialty. He has competed in three National Xterra Championship events (2011 national age group champion), and two Xterra AG World Championships.  Actively racing and competing ensures Mat knows first hand the demands of bike racing and the fine line between comfort and aerodynamics!

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* Full Prescription Coaching rates: $200 for , $225 – $275 for  per calendar month.

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All Vo2Multisport Coaches must have a minimum of five years involvement in triathlon and multisport.  They must hold or be working towards a USAT Coaching Certification or equivalent from another NGB.  They must display a passion for coaching and helping other to achieve their multisport goals.  They must also be an accomplished athlete that has demonstrated a high level of competence on the race course.  They must have a thorough knowledge of training principles and show a commitment to continued professional  development.  Our current coaches have multiple overall wins and podium finishes as well as two appearances at the Ironman World Championships and several 70.3 and Ironman Podiums.
All Vo2Multisport Senior Coaches must have a minimum of 10 years coaching experience and at a minimum a vocational qualification such as a USAT Coaching Certification or equivalent from another NGB (National Governing Body).  They must also have a proven track record in developing athletes from beginner to accomplished and show evidence of continued progress with athletes over a long period of time.  As well as hands on coaching experience our senior coaches must also have a history of competing at a high level across a broad range of events, disciplines and distances.  Our current senior coaching team has over 40 Ironman finishes, eight Ironman World Championship finishes, in excess of 30 Overall race wins and a countless number of AG wins and podium finishes from distances ranging from Sprint to Ironman and other events including ultramarathons, Xterra and bike racing.  Two of the senior coaching team also hold BSc Honors degrees in Sport and Exercise Science.