Athlete Testimonials

Jeremy DeVoll (swim)  I literally went form being consistently lapped by my lane mates, to lapping my lane mate consistently. I’m physically less fatigued yet somehow I’m much, much faster. It’s amazing! More so, I’m 100% aware now when I do any of the things you pointed out in the lesson so I can much more easily correct. Before, I’d wonder why something was happening, but now I know instantly. I could have spent six frustrating months NOT learning what I learned in 60 minutes.

Eddie Switaj   In just one year working with coach Ben of Vo2Multisport, he turned me from a swimmer that did a few triathlons on the side to an elite level triathlete. He has extensive technical knowledge in all three disciplines evidenced by his ability to foster significant improvements in those just beginning the sport as well as those more experienced athletes. I enjoy his balanced approach to coaching that takes into account triathlon, work and family demands, and I’m impressed with how he understands each of his athlete’s unique needs. During my 15 year competitive swimming career, I worked with coaches throughout the country, including those that have coached multiple Olympic and national teams, and can say that without question Ben is in the top tier of coaches across all sports.

Michael Pritchard   Thank you for getting me to startline so well prepared for Ironman Canada. The training plan, race rehearsals, and coaching you provided over the last two seasons helped me race to my potential and earn a Kona qualifying spot with seconds to spare. What made the difference were simple things you so consistently coach – pacing, nutrition, rest, and dealing with challenges of the day. Race rehearsals, training camps and the network of Vo2 PC resources helped make this routine going into Canada. The feedback and encouragement I received kept me motivated and pushing. I also appreciate your willingness to adjust based on my schedule and priorities. Lastly, I greatly value the friendships and motivation that comes from training and racing with the entire team of Vo2 athletes and coaches. Thank you.

Doug Vo2Doug Jungclaus   I’ve utilized Ben’s coaching services for the last three years, and he has provided me invaluable, tailored guidance to help me exceed my sporting goals including successfully completing my first Ironman faster than I thought possible, and with a smile on my face. Ben is a true student of the sport, constantly keeping abreast of the latest research into training techniques, sports nutrition, recovery, etc. and incorporating those data into your personal training plan. His results speak for themselves, as he consistently helps weekend warriors such as myself beat personal performance goals and elite athletes qualify and successfully compete in world championships. He has the ability to make training plans as simple or as deeply comprehensive as your personal interest level requires. In addition to the expertise Ben brings to his coaching, he also does an excellent job of providing encouragement when needed and doesn’t shy away from providing critiques when changes are needed to be made in order to improve one’s performance. In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ben’s coaching to any of my friends to take their performance to its highest level. However, if you race in the Men’s 40‐44 age group, Ben is absolutely awful and you should look elsewhere (hey‐ that AG is competitive enough!)

Kirsten Purdy   Ben has taken the time to get to know me, and my goals as an athlete. He takes into consideration my family commitments, scheduling my key sessions when they work best for me. Last year I struggled with a back injury. Ben was very attentive to how I was feeling, and careful with what he scheduled for me. His knowledge of core strength and conditioning has been very helpful to me. Ben’s knowledge and experience has helped me improve my running and swimming technique resulting in faster times. I have gone into all of my races feeling prepared and with a detailed plan to execute. I really like Ben’s attitude about athletes getting older. With his approach to smarter training I have continued to get faster as I age up. I plan to keep achieving my goals and PRs for a long time.

Alexis Taylor  
 I first met Ben in the Spring of 2009 and went from having minimal experience in the swim and on the bike to completing my first Ironman and finishing in the top 30 of my AG at Ironman Coeur D’Alene just two years later. Not only did Ben drastically help me improve my athletic ability but he honestly helped me gain perspective and find balance in the rest of my life; a constant challenge for me when juggling a demanding job with my triathlon goals. His grounded guidance was invaluable to me throughout my Ironman journey and I can say with 100% certainty that I could not have completed my race as successfully without him. His attention to detail and true care for his athletes is evident at all times and I greatly look forward to continuing my progress on his roster.

Kyle OswaldKyle Oswald   The eight months we’ve been working together have proven to be the best thing I’ve done for my fitness and competitive nature. I was looking for a coach with expansive knowledge and a pulse on his athletes and that is exactly what I receive from you. The fact that you can adjust my training plan around my extensive, business travel schedule but still hold me accountable for my part, is perfect for my training. I’m surprised by how well you know your athlete’s mindset and know just the right time for encouragement. I’ve benefited tremendously from your tactical plans for races and every time we meet, I’m struck by how much you know about technique, physiology and anatomy. Thank you for helping me PR three times this year and become fitter and faster. You were spot on with efforts and times I could achieve. I look forward to IMC next year and wouldn’t complete the journey with anyone else! You, Team Vo2 and the Performance Center were incredibly vital for my accomplishments for 2011, and will be moving forward!

Joe Silvernale   I feel lucky to be able to work with Ben. His sincere passion for the sport, bespoke training plans, and unrivaled triathlon knowledge are three of the things that really set him apart. As a single father of two teenagers I need a coach that will modify my training to fit in with my family and work schedule ‐‐ and Ben is able to do that deftly. The level of support, via online workout tracking, emails, time at the Performance Center, and face‐to‐face meetings is superb. I am finishing my second season with Ben, during which time I dropped more than 30 minutes off my average Ironman finish and (finally) qualified for Kona. Ben coached me to that result, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Max Long   I have had the opportunity to work with Ben twice in the last three years and on both occasions he has managed to coach me to a result above my original goals. He provided me with clear training plans, good communications and very positive pre‐race motivation. As I prepare for my next Ironman I will be using Ben again to get me to my optimum performance!

David Streams  
 At 7:05 PM on June 26th of this year, I heard Mike Reilly call out my name and announce that I was an Ironman. Hearing those words was the exclamation point on the single biggest personal transformation that I’ve every been through and Ben Bigglestone was a huge part of it. Three years ago, I couldn’t run a single mile and I never would have dreamed that I would be training for and then completing an Ironman. I had a number of challenges that stood between me and my Ironman goals. I have a wife and three kids, a chronic hip injury and an old back injury that plagued the early part of my training and I commuted from Washington to California three days a week with my job. Ben personalizes the training for his athletes and he always makes you feel like you are his number one priority. I think a big part of this is that from the moment you meet him you immediately understand that he is just doing what he truly loves and he is quite good at it I might add. I had a number of early conversations before I asked him to coach me and he was generous with his time and freely shared any of the knowledge he has accumulated over the course of his career that began with his own experience as an elite triathlete dating back to the 80s. Ben’s business is coaching, but you will never feel like he is ever trying to sell you something. Ben’s the real deal and I consider myself lucky to have him as my coach. I recently moved away from the Seattle area, but I’ve chosen to keep Ben as my coach despite the more than 1,200 miles that separate us. I have no doubt that as long as I hold up my end of the bargain, that Ben will help me achieve my next goal; to become a ranked and competitive age grouper at the 70.3 and then Ironman distance. Did I mention that 7 of Ben’s coached athletes have earned Kona slots this year? I don’t know of a more objective criteria by which to measure the awesome results that Ben is able to extract from his athletes.

Mark WeinbergMark Weinberg (Swim)   As I said in my text, I am feeling so good, so confident… it’s really encouraging Ben. I’ll continue to work on the breathing, catch and kicking (in that order). I really believe those are the key things. My breathing was great today (and I was swimming hard). I think that is the key. I’ve never felt like I could swim “hard” (especially in open water). I’d just get too hypoxic and uncomfortable. But now I’m finding that I can actually do it and it’s made me so much faster.


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